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About THE Host

Hey, I’m Brandon Breshears

Nice to meet you, I’m Digital Marketer, Paid Advertising Expert, Podcaster & Speaker

Since 2008, I've been obsessed with learning everything I could about digital marketing. These days I focus mostly on paid advertising and I'm determined to help private veterinary pra

I started the veterinary marketing podcast in 2014 to help you grow your practice

Marketing your practice can feel overwhelming, I'm here to help.

Whether you're trying to get the best strategies to use on social media or you want to learn how to build a solid email list my podcast has you covered.

I've set out to create content that will give you the tools, strategies and resouces you need to be successful

If You Want More High Quality Clients

I work with private veterinary practices to help bring in more dream clients so that they can enjoy their work more.

If you want more of your favorite clients and you are open to using paid advertising to do it, I'd love to help you! 

If you'd like a free 1-on-1 marketing consultation you can book it here: 

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