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Frequently Asked Questions —

After doing this podcast for a long time, I get some of the same questions, here are some answers to the most common:

About Us
Can I hire you to help with my practice?

Yes! I focus exclusively on paid advertising for private veterinary practices, so if you want to grow your practice fill out that contact form above.

Can I be on your podcast?

I'm always looking for guests, but there is one caviot, you must have something to add value when it comes to marketing. If you have a product or a service that is adjacent to the veterinary industry but isn't marketing specific or have a marketing aspect to it, then no thank you.

Do You Accept Sponsors?

It depends. The products have to be a good fit for the show and I need to make sure I feel like you'd provide a great experience for my audience.

Do you have courses?

Yes! I have a large library of courses available for you to take a la carte or you can become an ads client and get access to all future and former trainings.