My Mission: To Help Private Veterinary 
Hospitals Win

It is my mission to help over 10,000 privately owned veterinary practices create their dream practice using digital marketing that helps them to attract and retain their perfect clients.

When I started the podcast back in 2014 I had a small amount of experience working with veterinary hospitals who wanted to launch a Reward & Loyalty program, and I remember we had to send a practice a computer so that they could run the software to implement a loyalty program.

I was blown away at how far behind veterinary hospitals were when it came to digital marketing and so I resolved to help as many as I could with my free podcast.

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My Commitment To You—  

Both of my parents growing up were always self-employed, and I understand what being a business owner & working in a small business can be like.

I want to help you create the practice of your dreams so that you can love the work you do & be as profitable as possible.

More profits, better clients and consistent revenue not only means you can enjoy a better quality of life, but you can also pay your employees well and make a positive impact on the community.

My Mission - To Be THE BEST At Paid Advertising

In 2008, as a 21 year old real estate investor, I got hit by the recession HARD. I found myself penniless, homeless living on a sailboat that I bought for $300. At that time, I vowed I would never let myself be at the mercy of the market again, and I decided that if I could figure out how to sell things on the internet, I'd be able to control my financial life no matter what the market was doing.

I dove into everything I could get my hands on from email marketing to direct response mail marketing, social media marketing, funnel building, website building - you name it, I tried it.

Even though I enjoy most aspects of marketing, I LOVE paid advertsing, and my singular professional goal is to be the best paid marketing media buyer I can be.

I've personally run and managed over 4,000,000 in ads for just veterinary hospitals alone, and I am never satisfied to stop learning, growing & improving my skills to help my audience & clients.