VMP 248.5 The Ultimate Tip to Use AI and Google Business Profile Posts for Organic Traffic!

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Brandon Breshears
April 26, 2023
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In this episode of the Veterinary Marketing Podcast, host Brandon Breshears discusses using digital marketing to attract, engage, and retain clients for veterinary hospitals. The episode focuses on a hack for automating Google Business Profile posts using AI tools and Zapier. Brandon explains how to set up the process and emphasizes the benefits of quick ranking and organic local keyword ranking. The episode also promotes two websites that sell veterinary equipment and a new resource called the Connect with Clients Assessment, which helps veterinary practices improve their client connections. Listeners are encouraged to check out the AI marketing course on the Veterinary Marketing Podcast website for more information.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Veterinary Marketing Podcast, where it's all about how to attract, engage, and retain clients to your veterinary hospital using digital marketing. My name is Brandon Breshears. Welcome to episode 248 and a half. Today's episode is going to be the coolest organic traffic automation tool and hack that you can use. This is very exciting. I've seen some excellent results with it, and it takes almost no effort. You have to set it up one time. Once you set it up, it is going to work for you like a charm. So let's jump in today's episode. I have a cool, a couple cool things for you. Actually in today's episode is packed with valued, so be sure to listen all the way through. Before we begin, I'd like to mention this episode's being sponsored by two websites by Brad Haven. We have used vet equipment.com and new vet equipment.com.

For over nine years now, used vet equipment.com has been helping vets buy and sell used equipment. You save money when you buy used equipment, everything from cages, kennels pumps, X-ray equipment, lasers, ultrasounds, dental equipment, surgery equipment, lab equipment from Ava access, IDEX and Hesca tables, tubs and sinks, vet trucks and vet boxes. What do you have to sell@usedvetequipment.com? We bring the pirate and seller together. Also, if you're looking for new veterinary equipment with amazing warranties, checkout new NuVet equipment.com where they show you the price. Up front we have digital x-ray equipment, dental x-ray equipment, ultrasound equipment, L E d, surgery, lighting, surgery tables, auto clips@nuvetequipment.com. You'll clearly see the price on every item for sale. You'll also be able to check out the warranties so that you can buy without regret@nuvetequipment.com. They show you the price and give you a great warranty. The cool thing that I wanted to mention to you too is that I've created a new resource for you.

It is called the Connect with Clients Assessment. And what this does is it goes through what you're currently doing and it gives you an assessment result that there's five different types and they're based on animals. So you can see which animal type you are. But the cool thing about this is it goes through asks questions, and those are some of the most common questions that I get when it comes to marketing. What should I be doing more of? What am I missing out on? Those kinds of things. And what this client Connection assessment does is it helps you to identify the ways that you connect with your clients best, and then it provides you some immediate action items that are gonna help you to get more out of what you're good at and how to add a couple things that are gonna make a bigger impact for you.

So if you go to veterinary marketing podcast.com/quiz, that's veterinary marketing podcast.com/quiz. You can take the connect with clients assessment and see what type you are. Be sure to send me a message and let me know what type you are. Um, I'd just like to see how it works and see what you think of it, but I'm very excited about it. So let's jump into today's. I'd like to call this the ultimate Organic Traffic hack, and I think this is probably one of the coolest things that I've come up with in a long time. , I'm pretty excited about it. Um, I go way more in depth into things like

This. I just recently, uh, had a AI marketing course and so if you're interested in learning how to use AI tools to improve your marketing, head on over to veterinary marketing podcast.com. Check out the courses, the AI courses there, and I think it's really good. Um, and I talked more about this and I showed the specific steps in the automation module that is on the course. So if you're interested, check that out. I know it's of tremendous value, but I'm gonna explain this to you so that you can get the concept and start using it in your practice. And if you generate ROI from this, I highly suggest that you use this to generate some ROI and then go take the course. Okay, so what you do, a lot of practices know that they should be doing Google business profile posts, but they aren't. And so it's just another thing that you should do, but you don't have time to do.

And most practices are just overwhelmed with all of the things they have to do. Totally get it. The cool thing about these AI tools are that you can really set up automations that help to minimize your workload. So the thing that I suggest doing is, number one, go and create an account at Zapier. Zapier is an automation, um, an integration tool that integrates products that aren't related. So once you're at Zapier, what you're going to do is set up your chat G P T login. You're gonna authenticate and authorize that with Zapier. Then you're gonna go and set up Google Business Profile as an option. When you connect these two things, you also have to set up a Google sheet. And so the way that this works is your Google Sheet has two columns. The first column says topic, the second column says offer, and then the ZAP is set up such that when you update the spreadsheet with the new column, you update the topic and the offer.

Zapier sends this data to chat G p t. The Zap is set up so that it tells chat G p t create a post for Google business profile. That is direct response style. The topic is, and then you use that form field, which is the Google sheet. Then the offer is this, make this at least 1200 characters and optimize it for seo. What it'll do is then take that prompt and all you have to do is update. Once this is set up and published, all you have to do is update the first column, which says the topic and the second column, the offer. And when you do that automatically, you'll post a Google business profile post. So for example, you could say the topic is, um, springtime FL prevention, and the offer is a springtime, uh, FL prevention visit in our practice. So it'll automatically go and create

A post and make it so that it is optimized for those words. Now, Google business profile posts are very quick to rank, and so it is a very easy way to organically rank for keywords local and, um, I think it's a fantastic way been using this with a couple clients, uh, and it is working really well. The cool thing about this too is you can see how many people interact with these posts and you can get detailed, uh, data on these posts so that you're knowing, okay, we're getting this many calls from it, we got this many clicks. And that kind of data tells you immediately what your ROI is. So you set this up once and you're gonna wanna make the prompt such that it is detailed, you're gonna wanna give it good information. But I think that because these Google Business Profile prompts are just so short and transactional, um, you don't have to worry about giving medical advice.

It's just something that needs to get done to stay at top of rankings with your Google Business profile posts. So check that out, try that out. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, head on over to Vendor Marketing podcast where you can go and sign up for that training. And I walk through it step by step with a screen share so that you can see these individual, um, prompt ideas. Also, there's a bunch of prompt ideas, uh, in the bonus features as well. These chat G P T tools are incredible and marketing is getting very, very exciting. I think that this is just super cool. So hope you have a great day. Don't forget, go find out what type of, uh, what is your type to connect with clients, how do you best connect with clients and take that client connection assessment. See you on the next episode and have a great day, everyone.

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Brandon Breshears
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