VMP 236: Cheyanne Flerx On How To Succeed With Your Practice's Social Media

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Brandon Breshears
June 29, 2022
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In Today's podcast, I am joined by social media marketing expert Cheyanne Flerx from Hey Cheyanne again! We talk about social media marketing with intentionality, how to find the best type of marketing, how to target organic content, how to establish your goals for your practice, And overall how to succeed with your social media marketing.

Cheyanne got her start in veterinary medicine as a vet assistant. She was introduced to the world of social media marketing in the veterinary space by being given the task of updating the practice's Facebook page. Now she runs her own brand, Hey Cheyanne where she is a social media marketing educator and coach helping other Veterinary practices.

We are now seeing a shift in social media in general but definitely in veterinary marketing. And something that practices need to figure out is. What is the core reason or why you are using social media in your practice? That is the key practices need to find so they can effectively have their marketing work and attract the clients you want to draw in. Also building deep connections through content with the clients you have clearly defined as your target audience will grow your bond much farther than generic content.

We also share much more thoughts on current social media trends, platforms, and functionality.

If you want to check out more from Cheyanne be sure to check out her website here  Sign up for her membership Vet Social Hub and follow her on Instagram @hey_cheyanne  

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Brandon Breshears
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